Online Backup

Backup and Recovery is an essential component of any data protection strategy.  It protects your businesses critical data and systems against data loss and disasters.

Protecting and backing up your organisation’s critical data ensures that your business can recover from any consequence.

Business up-time is now crucial. As your IT support provider we understand that business continuity is needed to prevent loss of data, time and money. With this in mind, our cloud-based, off-site back up covers this by ensuring the right practices are invoked across your network to ensure your data is in one place ready to be backed up correctly, safely and efficiently.

In any unlikely event you have a failure, your data can be recovered with ease from either the local device or from the secure cloud location.  If you have server hardware failure or a disaster at your office your backups can be virtualised and ran locally or remotely from the secure cloud, in a matter of seconds, with the click of a button.  Business continuity and disaster recovery has never been as easy or as reliable.

There are many advantages to Instant virtualisation.  If a business experiences a server failure, its systems may be virtualised and almost instantly operate ‘business as usual’.  Meaning this can help prevent the loss of business during the downtime and aid recovery of the server environment.